Salgueiro at Sambódromo

Our students ready to see Salgueiro at Sambódromo.

Our students ready to see Salgueiro at Sambódromo.

Last Sunday we went to Sambódromo with our students from Japan, France, Perú, Sweden and Catalonia to see two of the best Escolas de Samba: Grande Rio and Salgueiro at Sambódromo.

The samba schools have one day to practice in the place were they are going to compete to be the gods of Carnival,(‘a Apoteose na Sapucaí’), Sambadrome.

Even our students have their own Samba Schools preferences, in our group we had some fan of Mangueira and some of Salgueiro.

At the end everybody enjoyed this privilege to see best samba dancers in the world just in front of them.

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