Samba Afternoon!

Let's Dance Samba!

The class was really fun, I came as a complete beginner, and left as a forever samba lover with more rhythm to my feet! A must do activity at Rio & Learn!

Aishat Agboluaje, Canada

Samba Afternoon!!
Passistas dancing samba.

Let’s get ready for Carnival? What about a Samba Afternoon! Our Portuguese students learned a little bit of the most popular rythm in Rio de Janeiro. Since Carnival is next month, this is the perfect time for them to learn some steps and enjoy the best of it. With instructions of their patient samba teacher, they could learn and develop some good steps, in the end they even could try an original roda de samba and show their skills. See more on the video below:

Very good dancers, huh? See more of this samba afternoon and on our Facebook page


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