Samba and Cachaça. Students in costume at the Barodromo

Our Friday RioLIVE! adventures took us to the illustrious part of Rio’s night life, Lapa.
We started the night in a Samba bar called Baródromo, where we enjoyed some snack foods, beer and caprinhia. The beverages certainly boosted our confidence and our Portuguese miraculously became what we thought at the time as fluent. (😂)

After enjoying some Samba music the group moved onto one of my personal favourite places Bar da Cachaça, where we were met with the friendliest bar staff around. The bar had a large variety of cachça shots, from Pistachio to Gaberiala.

What a great night out with RioLIVE!.

Mina Samandar, Australia

Students at the Barodromo panel

The perfect night for Caipirinhas!

Our night in Lapa was perfect, with lots of Samba and Cachaça! Arriving the bar, we enjoyed a round of Samba and Caipirinhas, in addition to many conversation in Portuguese. At the and we finish our night at the classic Bar da Cachaça, a place where we taste different flavors of Cachaças. It was an amazing RioLIVE! with Samba and Cachaça!

Students at the bar drinking cachaça

Having the best experience

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