Samba and Portuguese. Students posing for the photo during a samba class.

I have always wanted to learn to Samba but was a little intimated. It looks so hard, I am so glad I took this class! The instructor was patient and encouraging and broke the steps down really slowly. I was sweating in minutes and had so much fun! I am returning for private lessons next!

Michelle Moraes, USA.

You can see how fun was our Samba Class RioLIVE! by watching the video:

Since we are so near to Carnival, we decided to prepare our students for this amazing time of the year by teaching them how to Samba like a Brazilian. The students had some great moments during the class and also had the opportunity to get to know a little bit more about one of the most interesting Brazilian musical genre! Come with us in our next Samba Class RioLIVE!  and let’s enjoy Samba and Portuguese Together!

Samba and Portuguese. Students preparing themselves to samba.

Students preparing themselves to Samba!

You can also see more pictures of our incredible Samba and Portuguese Class on our Facebook page. Check them out!

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