Samba Drum Class at Pedra do Sal

Caipirinhas and Cervejas at Pedra do Sal.

Caipirinhas and Cervejas at Pedra do Sal.

Pedra do Sal e´ diventato il mio posto preferito di Rio de Janeiro. Dopo la lezione di percussioni, vedere il concerto dal vivo e l´intera piazza piena di gente cantando e ballando samba e´stata uná esperienza indimenticabile!

Antimo Di Donato, Italy.

Located at the center of Rio de Janeiro, Pedra do Sal is a very interesting place to meet people in Rio de Janeiro. The place is considered a historical and religious place. Some people call it “The little Africa.”

We left the school and took a bus to Pedra do Sal. We started our RioLIVE! with a nice percussion class with teacher Wagner. The students learned some steps to play some instruments used to play samba. For example, pandeiro, agogô and surdo.

After the class, we enjoyed a nice samba with beers and caipirinhas. It was a nice experience for the students, because they learned a little bit about the Brazilian culture and also practiced Portuguese.

Come you too and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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