Samba heals everything!

Tucked away in Zona Norte is an easily accessible hidden gem of culture of flavor and of Samba. RioLIVE! presented Samba School an evening of Samba Shows and culture that left every attendee mesmerized by the colors the creativity and the performances. Diogo made the trip to this hidden gem very accessible by accompanying us and educating us on the best routes times and modes of transportation to enjoy hidden gems like the Salgueiro Original School of Samba. What I enjoyed most was how the live singing enhanced every performance while the crowd sang along to the rhythms of the Furiosa band. Somehow Diogo and RioLIVE! captured what it says above the main stage at the Samba School #umaescoladiferente

Bernard (Gio) Bergan, United States
Ensaio na Quadra do Salgueiro

Samba heals everything! We were a little bit hurt because of Brazil’s loss at the World Cup but nothing better to heal this feeling than going to a samba party at local samba school. Our students visited Salgueiro with RioLIVE! They got little bit of taste of Carnival with this visit. We loved this experience, and it was a good medicine for what happened the previous day.

Carnival preparation in Rio

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