Samba in the foot

Samba in the foot

Samba class at Rio & Learn.
Samba class at Rio & Learn.

Die Samba Stunde mit RioLIVE! war eine gute Gelegenheit in die Kunst des Sambas reinzuschnuppern. Wie eigentlich alles bei Rio and learn, war auch diese Stunde gepraegt von viel Lachen und einfach nur Spass haben. Ich wuerde diese Stunde jedem empfehlen, damit man sich im Nachtleben von Rio de Janeiro auch beim Samba einigermassen zurechtfindet. Aber nach ein paar caipirinhas ist das eigentlich generell kein Problem mehr :-D.

Christoph van de Sand, Germany.

There is nothing like a RioLIVE! with a lot of Samba in the foot at Rio & Learn. Who said that dancing Samba is impossible? Our teacher, Castro, proved our students that dancing Samba is totally possible. Right in the begining we noticed that our RioLIVE! would be really fun, because students were very excited with the posssibility of knowing a bit of the culture of Samba.
To the sound of the group Revelação, students had the opportunity to sing and dance Samba. It was a really amusing RioLIVE! and now we are readdy for the RioLIVE! at Pedra do Sal. Come and meet Rio & Learn and join in our RioLIVE! activities.
 SAM_0742 Rio & Learn SAM_0743 Rio & Learn SAM_0744 Rio & Learn SAM_0746 Rio & Learn SAM_0750 Rio & Learn
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