Samba, Samba, My Love!

Clase de samba en Brasil: Samba, samba mi amor.

La aula de samba de hoy estuvo muy entretenida, siempre quise aprender a bailar, fue difícil, agotador, !pero no imposible! el profesor lo hizo muy entretenido. Quedé muy feliz 🙂Karen Riquelme Tapia, Chile

Three girls dancing Samba. Three girls learning Samba.
There’s always a first time for everything !

Have you ever asked yourself: “How can I make my learning process even more interesting?”

Samba, samba, my love! That’s what a teacher would tell you here at Rio & Learn. This time we were getting ready for a Samba school visit on the weekend by taking a Samba class during the week at one of our  RioLIVE! activities. Our teacher Castrinho was happy to have an only-girls class to teach them all the tricks they needed for a nice, glamourous experience at an original Samba school.

– “Samba, samba, my love !” He kept saying…  – “Samba, samba, my love !”

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four girls and one teacher striking a pose a pose after samba class
Learning how to strike a Samba pose

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