Samba School of my Heart

Fuimos a visitar la Escuela de Samba de mi corazón, Salgueiro.

La soirée de RioLIVE! à l’école de samba Salgeiro était superbe! Les danseurs extremement talentueux et leurs costumes pleins de fantaisie. On a beaucoup dansé et c’était très amusant 🙂 par contre, prendre des protections pour les oreilles seraient une bonne idée parce que la musique dedans est vraiment forte! Les musiciens sont aussi très talentueux, j’ai adoré la musique !! <3

Auriane Mandelert, Switzerland


Dancers getting it on and lifting everyone's spirit.
Dancers getting it on and lifting everyone’s spirit.

Getting the evening started at the samba school of my heart like Salgueiro, sometimes means warming up the body and the ears as well with some Pagode, a branch of Samba music, which is more mellow, easier to dance and usually having love lyrics. Soon we realized it was that time of the night when the passistas to perform. After that, it was time for the band to rehearse next year’s theme samba, which will be played during the parade competition at the Sambadrome. The funny part of the night is when the chief choreographer commands a little poll to elect the passista of the evening among the people who voluntarily want the participate. And guess what… the winner was a girl from England! What do you know…

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