Samba in Rio

18 de April de 2018

Samba in Rio. The Rio Carnival is Amazing.
Samba in Rio. The Rio Carnival is Amazing.

Meeting 14:30h at Rio & Learn
Cost of the activity: 15 reais

Samba is one of the most famous Brazilian dances and musical genres in the world, and it’s typical inΒ Rio de Janeiro.Β SambaΒ and its lyrics are usually linked to the day-to-day life in favelas and the lives of Cariocas in general. Samba is so important to Brazilians thatΒ there’s even a National Samba Day that is celebrated on the 2nd ofΒ December. Maybe that’s Carioca’s secret to having amazing bodies? A lot of Sambaing.

This musical genreΒ is practically everywhere in Rio de Janeiro, and you can feel it wherever you go, specially during carnival. It is a very popular genre with African roots. During the slave trade, many Africans were brought to Brazil and it is them who started to play this kind of music and spread it around the city. With time the rhythm started to grow and receive a lot of exposure. It is maybe the most popular Brazilian cultural expression, and has become an icon of Brazilian national identity. What better place to learn this amazing dance that inΒ Rio de Janeiro?

Come dance samba in Rio

How incredible is it that in thisΒ RioLIVE! ActivityΒ you will be side by side with a samba pro who will teach you the basic steps as well as talk about the origins and the famous magical CariocaΒ Carnival?Β In Rio, we breathe samba. Let’s try to be moreΒ CariocaΒ as we learn Portuguese and perhaps dance some basic samba together, beleza?

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Samba in Rio. Portuguese students at samba class.
Samba in Rio. Portuguese students at samba class.