Santa Teresa and Lapa

Santa Teresa and Lapa

Sta Teresa and Lapa at Rio de Janeiro with Portuguese language students.
Sta Teresa and Lapa

Sta Teresa and Lapa are two Rio’s neighbourhoods characteristic to be very bohemian. We did a nice walking to visit both of them. We started at Lapa visiting the famous stairs Escadaria Selarón were everybody took some nice pics as some street musicians were playing music.

Once we arrived to the top of the stairs we continued walking up through Santa Teresa. As our students from France, Italy, Finland and Iceland were going up we had some talking as we were getting warm with the walking. Once we arrived we visited Parque das Ruinas a nice place where you can have a nice view of the marvelous city. We took some pics and we arrived to the old tram station where you can enjoy some nice graffity. Sta Teresa is a place plenty of artists of any kind. We pass by the neighbourhood and we finished having some caipirinha in one of the beautiful bars of Santa Teresa. And when we finish some of the students had a tasty feijoada! We were ready to sleep 😉

See below some pics of our visit:

CIMG6958 CIMG6959 CIMG6960 CIMG6961 CIMG6962 CIMG6963 CIMG6964 CIMG6965 CIMG6966 CIMG6967 CIMG6968 CIMG6969 CIMG6970 CIMG6957

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