Beautiful View in Santa Teresa.
Beautiful View in Santa Teresa.

Beautiful View in Santa Teresa.

Meeting 13:15h at Rio & Learn
Cost of the activity: 5,00 reais (metro) + 20,00 reais bonde de Santa Teresa (historical tram) + 40 to 60 reais drinks or food at your choice

Santa Teresa is the most bohemian neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. Many artists love to live or stay for some period of time in this district. It has some of the best views of Rio de Janeiro, because the neighborhood is on a small hill or ‘morro’. This beautiful neighborhood is also very cultural, seeing as in just a short walk you can visit many workshops/studios and converse with local artists. Santa Teresa also has a ‘polo gastronômico’, or gastronomic area, that is a must see for visitors to the city.

We will enjoy astounding views of Rio de Janeiro from Parque das Ruinas, where we can have a good gelada (cold beer) in a shop nearby. Once we reached the end of our day, whoever wants can stay and dine at Bar do Mineiroa typical restaurant with food from Minas Gerais (one of Brazil’s states).

Bonde de Santa Teresa

Beautiful neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro

Beautiful neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.

Old colonial style mansions can be seen around. The neighborhood also has options for the nightlife scene, with many bars playing live music. What makes Santa Teresa different from the other districts of Rio de Janeiro is the historical architecture of the 19th century that give it a special charm. Additionally, it is the only neighborhood that has a running bonde (historical tram) as a means of transportation up and down the hillside road.

In this RioLIVE! Activity we will have the opportunity to relive old Rio de Janeiro by riding in the Bonde de Santa Teresa. It will be a very interesting experience.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Rio 😉 Besides a lot of history, you will get to visit a unique side of the city! It really is a must see!

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A beautiful experience at one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Rio.A beautiful experience at one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Rio.