São Cristóvão Fair

São Cristóvão Fair

São Cristóvão Fair, Portuguese language students having dinner.
Dinner at São Cristóvão Fair 😉

Last Friday we went to São Cristóvão to know more about Brazil’s Northeastearn Traditions. When we arrived we saw a typical dance called Bumba meu boi, see on the video below! Have you seen something like that in some of your visits to Brazil? 😉

After enjoying the dance we were quite hungry and we went together to have a nice Northeastearn dinner with Carne de Sol and feijão tropeiro. We drank some caipirinhas and some students got to know Maracuja’s Caipirinha. After dinner, our student Stephane from Canada did a magic trick making disappear a glass for all of us and everybody got surprised about how he did it! See it on the video!

[youtube uyM0cjHrMLw 622 350]

We went around São Cristóvão fair and we finishED the night dancing forro with locals and drinking some more caipirinha. It was a very nice night. See below the pictures that prove it!!

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