São Cristóvão’s Fair

Fiesta de Despedida de Esmeralda
El contraste cultural que brinda la feria de San Cristóbal és único,
logra juntar lo mejor de la cultura nordestina brasilera con la amabilidad y
alegria de los cariocas, una vez dentro de la feria el aroma de comida nordestina
con sonidos de forro de fondo, personas de todas las edades bailando, y muchos como yo,
tratando de aprender. Fue una muy buena experiencia recomendada para entender la multiculturalidad que expresa este país de dimenciones continentales
Juan Pablo, Colombia


Foto romântica no balanço do amor, Bar da Chiquita.

How can you seize the night after figuring out that Forró is a big trend in Rio ? São Cristóvão’s Fair doesn’t sleep, for all I know .. :+)

We came to practice the dance steps we have learned at school this week, alright. But that was just an excuse to go to a dreamland of Forró music and northeastern traditions.

We really need a place to have a farewell party for our big friend, Esmeralda ! Farewell, Esmeraldit@ ! Come back soon !

We barely walked in and there was a Trio of Forró artists that only allowed us to go so far. No wonder, since the drums and the harmonica are both magnetic and hypnotic.

But nothing to sweat about, the Forró beat would follow us wherever we went ! After a couple of dances (and a couple of beers), it was time for our supper ! Yummy…

I dare you not to like the sun-beef with a hearty portion of bottled-butter … and still want to dance after you’re done !


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