São João Night

The Students' Arraiá

It was fun being able to experience festa juninha in Rio. Great way to learn about a different culture by trying new foods and drinks. The locals were also very welcoming which offered us an opportunity to practice our Portuguese.

Ian Cupello, United States

Delicious food

Experiencing the June festival in Rio de Janeiro was an unforgettable journey, dedicated students of the Portuguese language. From the moment they arrived, they were immersed in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere where every detail of the celebration resonated with Brazilian culture. The lively colors of the streamers, the delightful aroma of typical foods like pamonha and canjica, and the infectious rhythm of traditional music completely captivated us. Beyond enjoying the festivities, they delved into the traditions and stories behind Brazilian June festivals, further enriching their understanding of Brazilian culture. They discovered how these celebrations reflect a blend of indigenous, European, and African influences, providing a deeper insight into national identity.

June flavors

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Tradition and Happiness

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