Saudade in Portuguese

7 de December de 2016

What’s up beautiful people?
Today we’ll learn a very special word. Firstly, do you know the word Saudade in Portuguese?

Saudade is a word that only exists in Portuguese and it represents a feeling. That’s so beautiful, right? We have our own word to express an incredible feeling. This feeling is usually caused by distance. In other words, if there is something or someone that you like but is far from you, it’s normal to feel the absence of that thing or person. This is when we say that we feel saudade in Portuguese.

To talk about saudade we use the verbs SentirTer or Estar com. Let’s see some examples of sentences with which we can understand what saudade means:

Examples with Saudade in Portuguese

Sempre que viajo, sinto saudade de casa.
Every time I travel, I miss home.

Estamos com saudade do Rio de Janeiro. Precisamos voltar lá.
We miss Rio de Janeiro. We need to go back there.

Ela está triste porque tem saudade do ex-namorado.
She is sad because she misses her ex-boyfriend.

Meu cachorro se foi no ano passado. Sinto muita saudade dele.
My dog left me last year. I miss him so much.

Faz tempo que vocês não visitam o Pedro. Ele está com saudade de vocês.
You haven’t visited Pedro for some time. He misses you.

Nós temos saudade da feijoada da vovó. Era deliciosa.
We miss grandma’s feijoada. It was delicious.

Notice that we always use the preposition de after the word saudade in Portuguese.

To miss or sentir falta

I bet you are thinking that the translation to the verb “miss” fits perfectly in our unique word Saudade in Portuguese. Maybe you think that to miss is the same as to feel saudade. Actually, it is not the same thing. In general, feeling saudade is a much stronger feeling than missing someone or something. If we want to say that we miss something, in Portuguese, we say that nós sentimos falta de alguma coisa. 

We can also use the word saudade as an expression. Take a look:

The interjection Que saudade!

Fomos para Búzios no ano passado. Que saudade!
We went to Búzios last year. Oh how I miss it!

Que saudade do meu pai! Vou visitá-lo no fim de semana!
How I miss my father! I’ll visit him on the weekend!

In an informal way, we can also use the expression saudade do caramba (and its varieties) to say that we miss something very much. We have a song about this expression. Look at the examples:

Que saudade do caramba da minha casa na praia.
I miss my house on the beach so much.

Estou com saudade pra caramba de dormir até 12:00.
I very much miss sleeping until 12:00.

Que saudade do caralho que eu estou de você. Não te vejo há meses!
I miss you so fucking much. I haven’t seen you in months!

Ela sente saudade pra caralho da sua ex-namorada.
She fucking misses her ex-girlfriend.

And finally, if you feel saudade for a place or a person and you visit this place or this person then we use the expression “matar a saudade”. We, from Rio & Learn, feel saudade when our students go back to their countries, but every time they come to Rio de Janeiro we matamos a saudade.

What about you guys? What do you miss the most? Now you can explain to your friends what saudade means.
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