Saying Years in Portuguese . O metrô começou a circular no rio em mil novecentos e setenta e nove.

Hello guys! Ready for one more Dica? Today we will show you different ways of saying years in Portuguese!

Ways of saying years in Portuguese

In Portuguese, we can say a year with a full name. For example: 1990 = mil novecentos e noventa (nineteen ninety) and we can also say years in a shorter way, for example: 1985: mil novecentos e oitenta e cinco = oitenta e cinco (eighty five). But we say a year in a short way only when we talk about the 20th century.

Saying Years in Portuguese. Ano Completo. Uma parte do ano. Mil novecentos e noventa. Oitenta e cinco.

When we talk about the 2000s we just say full names. For example: 2010 = dois mil e dez (two thousand and ten), 2011 = dois mil e onze (two thousand and eleven).

Saying Years in Portuguese. Ano completo: 2010: dois mil e dez. 2011: dois mil e onze

In Portuguese we also say Antes de Cristo (a.C) Before Christ and Depois de Cristo (d.C) After Christ when we talk about specific time periods.




Derek: Vocês sabiam que o metrô começou a circular no Rio a partir de 1979?
Iván e Christian: Sério, Derek? Que incrível!

Derek: Do you know that the subway in Rio came up in 1979?
Iván e Christian: Really? Amazing!

If you want to know how to say the years correctly, take a look at our Dica Big Numbers in Portuguese.
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