Seasons in Brazil

example of seasons in brazil: o verão do brasil é tudo de bom!

Hello guys! Today in our Dica, let’s discuss the seasons in Brazil! I’m sure you’ve heard that in Brazil, the seasons are relatively alike since we have a tropical climate. But you’ll be surprised with autumn in Brazil – and all the falling leaves; with winter season in Brazil – not that cold, but not that hot either! For sure the flowers appearing and revealing their colors will delight you during the spring. And finally, the summer season in Brazil, well… I think you’ve heard about it, right? In addition to learning the seasons of the year in Portuguese, let’s discover the best places to visit throughout the seasons in Rio de Janeiro as well as in some other cities. And who knows, maybe you’d like to know rainy season and dry season in Brazil!

Come on, because the seasons in Brazil are waiting for you to go on a language (and tourist) excursion!

Seasons in Portuguese

For starters, you have to know the seasons in Portuguese, so you can understand when they take place Brazil! Seasons in Portuguese are divided in Primavera (Spring), Verão (Summer), Outono (Autumn/Fall) and Inverno (Winter). Our year begins in the summer (so Brazilian, right?). The dry season in Brazil takes place between March and November. Rainy season in Brazil is the opposite, occuring between December and February (summer).

OutonoAutumn / FallMarch 21st to June 20th
InvernoWinterJune 21st to September 20th
PrimaveraSpringSeptember 21st to December 20th
VerãoSummerDecember 21st to March 20th

Let’s see now when our Brazil weather seasons start and where to go! Let’s learn more about seasons in Portuguese, taking a look at the Brazil seasons by month!

Outono: Autumn in Brazil

We will start our season in Portuguese with Outono. From March 21st to June 20th, we have autumn, which is extremely popular because of the leaves falling to the ground. Outono is also known in Brazil as Estação das Frutas (Fruit Season) because it’s harvest season and some of the most popular fruits in Brazil are easy to find during this season, such as: banana, apple, and lemon. Outono is already considered part of the dry season in Brazil.

Now, let’s talk about the main holidays celebrated during outono in Brazil! The two most popular holidays this season are probably Sexta-feira Santa and Easter, which compose the Holy Week. On April 21st, we celebrate a holiday that is very related to our history as a country: Tiradentes! On 1st May, we have Dia do Trabalho, which is a holiday when all workers in Brazil have a rest day (they totally deserve it!). Finally, our last holiday for outono is Corpus Christi!

Remember, autumn is only the beginning of dry season in Brazil! And there are also many amazing places to visit during the fall in Brazil! Let’s take a look at some of them:

Chapada Diamantina

Although our country is world renowned for its beaches, there are countless options to enjoy autumn in Brazil. This is the best season of the year, for example, to enjoy Chapada Diamantina, in Bahia, in the Northeast of Brazil, to do the famous trails and hikes that lead to unforgettable hills and waterfalls. Find out about one of the main local attractions: O Poço Encantado.

Chapada dos Veadeiros

The Brazilian dry season is also particularly good for a trip to Chapada dos Veadeiros, in Goiás, located in the Center-West region of Brazil, which is also a wonderful place for hiking and climbing. With countless waterfalls, blue skies, and sunny days, don’t miss the open savanna flowers that make everything even more magical!

Ouro Preto

Another must-see in autumn is the historic city of Ouro Preto, in Minas Gerais, where the colonial architecture is prevalent. You will find many cultural tours, historical churches, and the famous Minas Gerais cuisine (a cozinha mineira, sô!). One of the most delicious dishes you’ll want to try is the famous pão de queijo and the most delicious Brazilian alcoholic drink, cachaça!


At last, but not least, discover the Jalapão State Park, which is in the microregion of Jalapão in eastern Tocantins. It is during the autumn that the dry period begins, so, with the milder temperature and the super green vegetation, the landscape is even more beautiful! The best tours there are the sand dunes, the river beaches (did you think we had forgotten the beaches?), not forgetting the waterfalls and natural pools, of course!

Inverno: Winter Season in Brazil

example of seasons in brazil: o inverno no rio não é tão frio mas temos temperaturas baixas.

Winter in Brazil takes place between June 21 and September 23. We call it Inverno, and in Brazil, especially Rio de Janeiro, winter is a little different. We have hot weather all year long and in the Brazilian winter the temperature drops just a bit. People call it friozinho carioca and it’s most definitely the best time to grab a cup of coffee and have some cakes at Confeitaria Colombo!

Brazil winter months, from June to September, have a moderate temperature in most of the country. Rio winters, for example, are quite mild, with nighttime temperatures dropping as low as 19°C (66°F), and daytime temperatures climbing to 28° or 30°C (86°F). Inverno isn’t part of the rainy season, but rather part of the dry season in Brazil.

Talking about holidays, on September 7th, we have our Independence Day! It’s the only national holiday we have during winter, and it’s especially important to our history! This was the day when Brazil became independent from Portugal, and the Brazilian Empire began! But we also have amazing cultural parties like Festa Junina! You will discover many different and typical food like paçoca there!

There are many other places to enjoy Brazil winter weather. And even knowing that seasons in Brazil are not like in other countries, Rio de Janeiro can offer a handful of good travel options for those who want to feel like they are really in winter 😉


A little far from Rio de Janeiro (but not that far!), we have the best places to visit to enjoy the winter, such as Teresópolis, located in a mountainous region known as Região Serrana, a wonderful place to immerse in nature and great food, and if you like football Teresópolis is known as the home of the Brazil national football team, the so-called Granja Comary.


Petrópolis is incredible! There you’ll find many cultural and historical tours, commonly known as the Imperial City as it was a preferred destination of the royal family in the past. For this reason, the city is full of museums, as well as ornate houses and mansions. Nevertheless, the beautiful landscapes also deserve attention of its visitors. Try visiting Serra dos Órgãos National Park and Vale das Videiras, you’ll love it!

But don’t worry friends, there are many other regions of Brazil besides Rio de Janeiro for you to enjoy the real winter chill while you study in Brazil! Let’s start with Gramado e Canela:

Gramado e Canela

The cities of Gramado and Canela are two classic winter destinations in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and cannot be missed from your travel itinerary in the south of our country! There is delicious cuisine (known as gaucho cuisine), and incredible tours. The region’s beautiful landscapes and charming German-style architecture also delight tourists visiting the city.

Campos do Jordão

Finally, we couldn’t forget the famous Campos do Jordão, also known as the Brazilian Switzerland, one of the most popular destinations for Brazilians who love the freezing weather! This is where the International Winter Festival takes place, the biggest classical music festival in the country! The local cuisine is wonderful, and you will find lots of chocolate, wine, and craft beer! Try to visit its most famous sights, such as the Morro do Elefante, Belvedere and Pedra do Baú!

The winter season in Brazil might not be that cold, but it still cold – well, just for us 😉 . So don’t forget your coat!

Primavera: Flower Season in Brazil

example of seasons in brazil: a primavera no brasil é chamada de estação das flores.

From September 23 to December 21, it’s Primavera in Brazil, also known as Estação das Flores (Flowers Season), the best time to find flowers for your loved one. And we got so many holidays during this season! First, on September 27th, we have Saint Cosmas and Damian festivities: a cultural party with religious roots – but today almost everyone from any religion participates! On October 12th, we have Nossa Senhora Aparecida (but many children also celebrate Dia das Crianças on this day!). On November 2nd, we have Day of the Dead, also known as Finados (like many other cultures, it’s a day to pay our respects to our departed loved ones). Still in October, on the 15th, we celebrate the Proclamation of Republic, which ended the Brazilian Empire! We also celebrate our black heritage and ancestors during Consciência Negra!

In Brazil, this season is perfect to walk around the city, be in touch with nature, and visit many unique places, just like Jardim Botânico. But once again, there are a lot of wonderful places to visit in the spring besides Rio de Janeiro, so here are some suggestions!


Ah, the flower season… who doesn’t love to see nature at its best? This is the best season to visit Atibaia, a Brazilian municipality in the state of São Paulo. On a ride in the cable car, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city in all its splendor. Another must-see place is the Edmundo Zanoni National Park, where you can relax and even have a picnic with your friends and family. It is also in Atibaia that Festival of Flowers and Strawberries takes place! If you like a wide range of flowers and delicious strawberries, don’t miss this place!


Brazil has another famous Botanical Garden, located in the south of Brazil, Curitiba is the capital and largest city in the Brazilian state of Paraná. It is a city that shows its beauty through its flowers. The famous Relógio das Flores (The Flower Clock), located in the historic city center, is known for its beautiful garden that changes every season with vivid and distinct colors. This is an amazing place to learn about seasons in Portuguese!


Holambra is a municipality in the state of São Paulo and part of the Metropolitan Region of Campinas. There you will find phenomenal cuisine and many interesting cultural activities, all inspired by Dutch heritage. But let’s not forget the flowers, right? Holambra is beautiful in spring and is also the place that produces more than 45% of the flowers from Brazil.

 Verão: Hot and Rainy Season in Brazil

Seasons in Portuguese. O Verão é a melhor época para jogar Volley de praia!

Brazil rainy season happens from December 21 to March 21, and it is called verão – the hottest and the most popular season in Brazil. Did you know our Christmas takes places in verão? New Year’s Eve occurs right after it, full of fireworks in Copacabana! Verão also has our most famous holiday in the world: Carnaval! Which costume would you wear for a Carnaval in Rio?

Summer in Brazil is the best time for those who enjoy the beach, tanning, playing sports outdoors or activities altogether. Brazilian summer months are incredible and the summer in Rio de Janeiro can offer cool places to visit. Some places are a little further away from Rio and located in other states, and still worth visiting. But watch out Brazil summer temperatures can climb up to 43°C (110°F) and is also the Brazil rainy season so bring your bathing suits and your umbrella! 😉 Let’s see some places to visit:

Armação dos Búzios (or just “Búzios”)

With over twenty-six beaches, Búzios is one of the best places to go in summer in Rio de Janeiro and is in Região dos Lagos. This is the place to enjoy the summer season in Brazil. There, you will find the most incredible and beautiful beaches, such as Ferradura, Tartaruga, Azeda and Azedinha, Brava, Jeribá, Fernandes, Forno beach… just to name a few. Don’t forget to visit town center and Rua das Pedras Street, where you will find many delicious restaurants, Brazilian shops, bars and, of course, lots of parties!

Arraial do Cabo and Cabo Frio

Another amazing place to visit during Brazil summer months in Região dos Lagos is Arraial do Cabo and Cabo Frio, both near Búzios. These trips to Região dos Lagos are considered cheap in comparison with other destinations in Brazil. Don’t forget your sunscreen and your surfboard because there are a lot of surf schools there. And if you want to learn how to surf in Rio de Janeiro, Rio & Learn can make your dream come true!

Well… Rio de Janeiro is wonderful, isn’t it? Even if it’s rainy season in Brazil, there is always something new to check out! Nevertheless, other cities can also present you with an amazing summer! Check out where to enjoy this season in Brazil!


Located in a district in the municipality of Porto Seguro in the state of Bahia, Trancoso is the place people go to relax, a retreat for those who want to get out of the big city. The grassy central square, also known as Quadrado, has an architecture from the colonial period, with small and colorful houses. Just walk a few steps more and you’ll be on the coast and deserted beaches. Who doesn’t like to relax on an almost deserted beach? Don’t miss some of its most famous beaches during your summer in Brazil like: Nativos, Rio Verde, Coqueiros, Barra e Itapororoca.

Porto de Galinhas

With clear, warm waters and several natural pools, Porto de Galinhas is one of the most loved places by Brazilian tourists during summer in Brazil. Many of the beaches in Porto de Galinhas have no waves, making it the ideal destination for relaxing, diving and swimming! Don’t forget to bring your swimming goggles to enjoy this amazing place during summer season in Brazil!


Oh, boy… this place is beautiful. I bet you’ve never seen a place like this 😉 Located on the north coast of São Paulo, Ilhabela will provide you with peace and relaxation, full of amazing walks, beaches with clear water and wonderful waterfalls! You can’t miss its most famous beaches like Jabaquara, Feiticeira, Castelhanos e Bonete. It’s like a dream come true during summer in Brazil!

That’s it, guys! Now you know all about Seasons in Portuguese in Brazil. Can you differentiate all the seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter – in Brazil? What place do you think you will visit the next time you come to Brazil? Would you prefer to visit Brazil during dry or rainy season? Is your country like Brazil, dry and rainy season occurring in the same months?

Can you remember all the seasons in Portuguese? Why not study Portuguese while enjoying the best that Brazil can offer in its different seasons? Sounds great, right? See you in our next Portuguese lesson! Also, don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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