Selfies at the Botanical Garden

Selfies at the Botanical Garden with foreign students of Portuguese language

Selfies at the Botanical Garden


Daiki Kimura, Japan.

We passed Yesterday’s afternoon doing selfies at the Botanical Garden as we were talking Portuguese all the time long. Botanical Garden is a huge Garden with 54 hectares that has more than 6.000 different species original from America or Asia.

We did our selfies at the Botanical Garden with students from 8 differents countries, Switzerland, Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Venezuela and Peru. But we had our selfie lider, that was our student Ramon from Switzerland, that our students know as Dom Selfie! 😉

As Ramon is very good, we had very good pictures of the day. As we were walking around the Rio Botanical Garden, our students were practicing their Portuguese all the time long. We learned words as ‘planta’, ‘árvore’ and ‘grávida’ between selfie and selfie.

What are you waiting for to joining us to get to know Rio and Portuguese language?

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