Será in Portuguese

11 de April de 2014

Hey, people from A Dica do Dia! Today we are going to talk about será in Portuguese. Usually the word será is used to talk about the future. However, we can also use it to ask questions and express possibilities. Let’s dive into this theme and improve our Portuguese!

Conjugation for Será in Portuguese

Será in Portuguese is the future form of the verb Ser (to be) in the third person singular. If you don’t recall it or you simply don’t know, check out our Dica about the conjugation of the verb ser. Let’s take a look at the conjugation for it:

Será Conjugation
eu serei
você será
ele/ela será
nós seremos
vocês serão
eles serão

Será can assume different meanings depending on each context.

Será Meaning Future

Será can, firstly, be used to describe something that will happen in the future.

Examples in the Future

Você será um grande rei, Simba.You will be a great king, Simba
Ele será seu amigo para o resto da vida.He will be your friend for the rest of your life.
Se chover, a viagem será cancelada.If it rains, the trip will be cancelled. 
Ela será a maior cientista do mundo.She will be the greatest scientist of the world. 
Mayaan será uma estudante brasileira. Ela conseguiu o visto de estudante para o Brasil.Mayaan will be a Brazilian student. She got her Student Visa for Brazil.

Será Meaning Doubt

In addition to that, we can use the word Será in Portuguese to express doubt and hypothesis. We use será as an interrogation to indicate a possibility, when we are not sure of something. Another way to use it is when we want to wonder or speculate about something in the future too. In these cases, the structure is usually with the word que. That is the famous será que in Portuguese!

Examples Meaning Doubt

Não sei se ele gosta daqui. Será que ele gosta?I don’t know if he likes it here. Do you think he does?
A Michelle não foi trabalhar. Será que ela está doente?Michelle didn’t go to work today. I wonder if she is sick…
Elas namoram há muito tempo… Será que vão casar?They have been dating for a long time… I wonder if they’ll get married.
Eu quero fazer a prova do CELPE-Bras. Será que é muito difícil?I want to take the CELPE-Bras exam. I wonder if it is too difficult...
Será que ele vai chegar a tempo?I wonder if he will get here in time…

Será Meaning Probability

The simple future can also be used to indicate probability. This is different from something which we know is yet to occur. Take a look at the examples:

Examples Meaning Probability

Será que vou fazer muito amigos ou poucos amigos na nova escola?Will I make many friends or few friends at the new school?
Será que vai chover muito ou pouco hoje?Will it rain a lot or a little today?
Quem será o próximo presidente: Júlio ou João?Who will be the next president: Júlio or João?
Qual será o meu almoço amanhã: strogonoff ou bacalhau?Which will be my lunch tomorrow: stroganoff or cod?
Qual será a probabilidade de eu conseguir fazer isso?What is the probability that I am able to do it?

Dialogues with Será in Portuguese

Pablo: Nossa. Parece que hoje vai chover!
Diogo: Será?
Pablo:  Wow. I think it is going to rain today!
DiogoYou think so?

Elton: Ele vai comer a pizza toda!
Joaquina: Será?
Elton: He will eat the whole pizza!
Joaquina: Is that so?

Jonas: Tenho certeza que você vai ganhar chocolate amanhã.
I’m sure you’ll get chocolate tomorrow.
Do you think so?

Yuri: Ele não vai chegar a tempo.
Igor: Será?
Yuri: He will not arrive on time.
Igor: Really?

Pay attention! If you’re trying to translate it to English, just give up already. There is no equivalent word in English. The best way to understand it is always through the context of the situations.

Uses of Será in Portuguese

We have a video for you! Aside from learning how to use será, you will also see to how pronounce it. Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles:

Now It’s Your Turn!

Guess what is going to happen using será in Portuguese. Remember that there is no specific answer for this exercise, people. Use your creativity! If you have doubts follow the model:

Ricardo ainda não chegou ao escritório. Será que ele perdeu o ônibus?

Meu estômago está doendo muito. Será que…
Preciso comprar uma camisa mas deixei o dinheiro em casa. Será que…
Ele preparou um bolo para sua namorada. Será que…
Estamos nesse engarrafamento há uma hora. Será que…
Ela fez uma entrevista de trabalho ontem. Será que…
Eles vão ao jogo do Flamengo. Será que…

Quick Suggestion with Será in Portuguese

Listen to this song called Será by Legião Urbana:

We’ve reached the end and now you know how to use Será in Portuguese. However, don’t be sad! If you want to see more of us, here we are: Facebook.
See you in the next Dica!
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