Hi! How are you? So, our Video Dica today is about shoes in portuguese. Let’s learn how to say them in Portuguese.

Type of shoes in Portuguese

What’s your favorite type of shoes? In Brazil, and specially in Rio de Janeiro, we love wearing our famous chinelo: havaianas. Cariocas have the habit of using them everywhere: to the mall, parties, dates. That is, we wear havaianas almost in any time. The only occasion that we don’t wear them is for work and fancy parties 😛 ! When you come study Portuguese in Brazil with our school, don’t worry, you can wear your chinelo to our classes!

In Brazil, everybody calls flip flops Havaianas. Even though Havaianas is the brand, it became a popular name for flip flops.

Let’s learn the names of the shoes in Portuguese. Try to read these words:

Types of shoes in Portuguese. Os chinelos. The flip flops.

Tennis shoes in Portuguese: O Tênis.

Shoes in Portuguese: o sapato social (masculino)

Shoes in Portuguese: o sapato social (feminino)

High heels in Portuguese.

Sandals in Portuguese: a sandália masculina

Sandals in Portuguese: a sandália feminina (rasteirinha)

Boot in Portuguese: a bota masculina

Boot in Portuguese: a bota feminina

Notice that we have two names for feminine sandals: rasteirinha. That way if you want to buy it you can say: sandálias or rasteirinhas.


Now that you read it by yourself, let’s listen to the correct pronunciation. Repeat each word after me:

Expressions about shoes in Portuguese

You already know the name of the shoes in Portuguese, that’s great. Here are some expressions that you’ll need to know when talking about shoes.

Amarrar o cadarço Tie the shoelaces
Colocar/botar/pôr o sapato Put on shoes
Comprar os sapatos Buy shoes
Experimentar os sapatos Try on the shoes
Trocar os sapatos Change shoes
Usar os sapatos Wear the shoes

Shoes in Portuguese vocabulary list

Os chinelos Flip flops
O tênis Sneakers / Trainers
O sapato social Formal shoes
O sapato de salto alto High heels
 A sandália Sandals
 A rasteirinha (sandália feminina) Strappy sandals / Feminine sandals
A bota Boots
Cadarços Shoelaces
Par de sapatos Pair of shoes
Sapato com cadarço Shoes with laces
Sapato de velcro Velcro shoes
Bota de cano alto / baixo  Long boots / Ankle boots
Tênis de cano alto / baixo High top sneakers / Converse (basketball) sneakers

Now it’s your turn!

Don’t go quite yet. Let’s practice more so you’ll be able to buy shoes in Portuguese all by yourself! Take a look at the pictures and tell us what type of shoes they are.

That’s it! So, what shoes are you wearing now?

See you next time!
Bye bye!

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