Shopping in Portuguese

21 de August de 2014

Hey everybody, shall we go shopping in Portuguese?
But first, let’s learn about shopping phrases in Portuguese. The expressions we use while going shopping. Are you ready?

Shopping Phrases in Portuguese

Posso ajudar? Can I help you?
Como posso ajudar? How can I help?
Só estou olhando, obrigado! I’m just looking around, thank you!
Estou procurando um/uma… I’m looking for a…
Posso provar/experimentar? Can I try it on?
Onde fica o provador? Where’s the fitting room?
Você tem um tamanho maior/menor? Do you have a smaller/bigger size?
Você tem na cor xxx? Do you have it in the color xxx?
Gostei! Vou levar! I liked it! I’ll take it!
Não gostei! Vou deixar. I didn’t like it! I’m going to leave it.
Quanto custa? / Quanto é? How much does it cost / How much is it?
Qual é a forma de pagamento? How would you like to pay?
Posso pagar com cartão de crédito? Can I pay with a credit card?
Tem desconto para pagamento em dinheiro? Are there any discounts if paid in cash?
Confira o troco, por favor. Check the change, please.
O troco está errado. The change is wrong.
Pode embrulhar para presente? Can you wrap it up as a present?
Obrigado! Volte sempre! Thank you! Come back always!
Eu quero fazer uma devolução. I would like to return an item.


Let’s take a look at a dialogue that uses some of the expressions we just learned: Dialogue in Portuguese at a Clothing Store.

That’s all, people!
Now we know the expressions used for shopping in Portuguese. Now we can go shopping! If you would like other Dicas about shopping, check our lesson about Shopping in Rio de Janeiro and find the best places to buy anything you want!

Kisses to you all!
We’ll see each other at Rio & Learn.

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