What does Show de Bola mean. O jogo ontem foi Show de bola!

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Today we want to talk with you about the expression Show de Bola. But first, what does Show de Bola mean?

This expression has its origins in Football with the meaning “what an excellent football match!”. In other words, it was a compliment to the performance of the soccer team.

Nowadays, this expression is used to say that something is really good, but in different situations. Let me give you some examples!

Examples with the expression Show de Bola

Example with the expressions Show de Bola. Essa professora é Show de bola!

Luana: E é assim que se usa o Pretérito Perfeito!
Diana: Uow! Essa professora é show de bola!

Luana: And that’s how you conjugate the Past!
Diana: Uow! This teacher kicks ass!

What does Show de Bola mean. O jogo ontem foi Show de bola!

Marco: Stefan! Você viu o jogo do Flamengo ontem?
Stefan: Porra, cara! Esse jogo foi show de bola!

Marco: Stefan! Did you watch Flamengo’s football match yesterday?
Stefan: Damn! It was a great match!

Meaning of the brazilian expression Show de Bola! A Rio & Learn é Show de Bola!

Igor: Aqui, Juliana, o seu certificado.
Juliana: Valeu, Igor! A Rio & Learn é show de bola!

Igor: Here’s your certificate, Juliana. Congratulations!
Juliana: Thanks Igor! Rio & Learn is awesome!

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