Show Off in Portuguese

Ejemplo con la expresión Tirar Onda en Portugués. Você está tirando onda com seus novos sapatos!

Hey people! You know when you buy something nice and you want to show it to everyone because you love it so much? Today we’ll learn how to show off in Portuguese!

Tirando onda

To say that someone is showing off we can use the expression tirar onda in Portuguese. When someone tira onda it means that they are really killing it, doing or wearing something that they’re very proud about. That is: to ostentate.

It~s best not to try to translate that expression. But if you’re really that curious, I’ll help you. Tirar onda literally means to take out the wave. It doesn’t make any sense, see? hahahaha

Take a look at this video to understand better how to use this expression. And don’t forget to activate the subtitles if you need them.

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Dialogue about showing off in Portuguese

Now let’s read the dialogue you saw above:

Cassio: E ai, Léo?
Léo: Meu amigo!
Cássio: Tudo bem? Como você está?
Léo: Tudo muito bem!
Cássio: Bom te ver!
Léo: Olhe! Você gosta dos meus novos sapatos?
Cássio: Pô cara, gostei! Maneirasso! Show de bola! Tá tirando onda, ein cara!
Léo: Tirando onda?
Léo: Mas , eu não fui à praia hoje.
Cássio: Então Léo, tirar onda quer dizer ostentar.

Translation of the dialogue

Cássio: Hey, Léo?
Léo: My friend! 
Cássio: What’s up? How are you?
Léo: Everything is fine! 
Cássio: Good to see you!
Léo: Look! Do you like my new shoes? 
Cássio: Wow dude. I like them. They are awesome! Amazing! You’re tirando onda, dude! 
Léo: Tirando onda?
Léo: But, I didn’t go to the beach today.
Cássio: So Léo, tirar onda means to ostentate.

So, tirar onda means ostentation. It means to display something you have proudly. It means to show off in Portuguese. Are you sure you got it? Complete this exercise and then you can show off to all your friends!

Exercise about showing off in Portuguese

Take a look at the pictures and tell us if you think they are showing off or not in each situation.

A galera da Rio & Learn está tirando onda na praia?

Portuguese verbs ending in IR: Os alunos curtem a praia.

Eles estão tirando onda na frente do Pão de Açúcar na Praia de Botafogo

Students at botafogo beach in front of tue sugar loaf.

Maria jogou marimba na conversa. Ela tirou onda? If you don’t know what jogar marimba means, read this Dica.

Example with Marimba in Portuguese: Marcia sempre joga marimba na nossa conversa. Marcia always interrupt our conversations.

Eles estão tirando onda no MAC?


Brasil vs Alemanha. Brasil tirou onda?

Alemanha vs Brasil: 7 - 1

Hope you liked it! How about you, ready to show off in Portuguese? Have online classes with us and tell us how you tira onda!

See you in the next Dica!


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  1. A galera da Rio & Learn está tirando onda na praia.
  2. Eles estão tirando onda na frente do Pão de Açúcar.
  3. Maria não tirou onda.
  4. Eles tiraram onda no MAC.
  5. O Brasil não tirou onda.

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