Similar words in Portuguese

8 de December de 2015

Similar words in Portuguese

Similar words in Portuguese. I am a little tired. Estou meio cansada. Similar words with different meanings.

Hi! I’m Ally. I’m from the U.S. and I’m a student at Rio & Learn and today we’re going to talk about similar words in Portuguese. They sound similar to each other, but are not the same at all. First we’re going to talk about the words Meio and Meia. They both correct but they’re used in different situations. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Situation 1 – Meio (a little)

– TΓ‘ tudo bem?
– Ah sim, Γ© que estou meio cansada.

– Are you ok?
– Oh yes, I’m just a little tired.

Situation 2 – Meia (socks)

– O que Γ© isso?
– Γ‰ uma meia cansada.

– What’s this?
– It’s a (tired) sock.

Now, we’re gonna talk about the words PΓ£o and Pau. You should be very careful with these two words, so pay attention:

– OlΓ‘, vocΓͺ pode me dar um pau?… Isso nΓ£o, ah nΓ£o, nΓ£o. PΓ£o! … Obrigada!

– Can you give me a stick? … Not this, oh no, no! Bread! … Thank you!

Now, we’re going to talk about the words Suar and Soar:

Situation 1 – Suar (to sweat)

– Veja aquele homem. Ele estΓ‘ correndo na praia e estΓ‘ suando.
– Look at that man. He is running at the beach and he is sweating.

Situation 2 – Soar (to sound/to ring)

– Como foi o fim de semana?
– Bem, obrigada. E vocΓͺ?
– Foi bom!
– VocΓͺ fez uma coisa legal?
– Ah, eu fui num churrasco.
– Ah desculpa. Meu celular estΓ‘ soando.

– How was the weekend?
– Nice, thanks. And you?
– It was good!
– Did you do something cool?
– Oh, I went to a barbecue.
– Oh, sorry. My cellphone is ringing.

Now we’re gonna talk about the words Flagrante and Fragrante:

Situation 1 – Fragrante (perfume)

– Isso e meu novo fragrante. Que gostoso! Que delicia!
– This is my new perfume. So good! So delicious!

Situation 2 – Flagrante (red-handed)

– Ei! O que vocΓͺ tΓ‘ fazendo?
– Nada, nada! VocΓͺ me pegou em flagrante!

– Hey! What are you doing?
– Nothing, nothing! You caught me red-handed.

Now we’re going to talk about the words Cavaleiro and Cavalheiro.

– Uau, que cavaleiro!
– Cavaleiro?
– Ah nΓ£o, eu quis dizer cavalheiro.

– Wow, what a knight!
– knight?
– Oh no, I meant gentleman.

Ok, so that was it. Similar words in Portuguese. I hope you all liked it and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel Rio & Learn right here and until next time!


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