Enquanto in Portuguese

Today, we are going to talk about the description of two actions that happened at the same time in the imperfect past. To do so, we need to use enquanto in Portuguese.

As we already know the conjugations that we have seen in the previous posts, let’s only talk about the situations.The structure is formed using:

Enquanto   +   Action in the Imperfect Past   +   Action in the Imperfect Past

Notice that both action are in the same tense. That means that they happen simultaneously.

Enquanto in Portuguese

Ontem, enquanto eu estudava, João escutava música.
Yesterday, while I was studying, João was listening to music.

Enquanto eu cozinhava, minha irmã arrumava a casa.
While I was cooking, my sister was cleaning the house.

José fazia o trabalho de casa enquanto você jogava futebol no Flamengo.
José was doing his homework while you were playing soccer in Flamengo.

Enquanto nós andávamos em Botafogo, elas andavam pelo Leblon.
While we were walking in Botafogo, they were walking around Leblon.

Enquanto vocês escutavam MPB (Música Popular Brasileira), elas escutavam samba na Pedra do Sal.
While you were listening MPB (Música Popular Brasileira), they were listening samba at Pedra do Sal.

However, we must pay attention no to confuse the conjunction enquanto with the interrogative word em quanto. They have the same pronunciation in Portuguese but they are used in totally different ways.

Em quanto in Portuguese

Em quanto, two words written separately, is used to ask questions about time or quantity. Check it out:

Em quanto tempo você vai terminar esse projeto?
How long will you take to finish this project?

Em quantos minutos ela acha que faz o texto?
How many minutes does she think she takes to finish the text?

Em quantos anos foi construída a ponte Rio-Niterói.
In how many years was built Rio-Niterói bridge?

Em quantas casa o Papai Noel deixou presentes?
In how many house did Santa Claus leave gifts?

Em quantos pedaços eu devo dividir o bolo?
In how many pieces should I split the cake?

Now, we already know more about the use of em quanto and enquanto in Portuguese. By the way, while you are in Rio, post some pictures on Instagram with the #amorioandlearn.

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