Sing at Feira de São de Cristóvão

Estudiantes cantando en la Feria de San Cristóbal.

Feira de São Cristóvão is an exciting experience to learn about another culture within Brazil and also to party all night! The food, music, and karaoke was great and the party was even better. It is also a good way to get outside of the tourist zone and see how the locals enjoy their weekends.

Calvin Cassady, United States


Sing at Feira de São de Cristóvão. Students singing at the karaoke.
Students singing at the karaoke.

To enjoy a great Friday night we decided to sing at Feira de São de Cristóvão. To begin with, we ate an incredible meal at a restaurant that serves typical food from Nordeste. We ate baião de dois and carne de sol, two typical dishes. Then we headed to the karaoke where the students sang their hearts out!


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