Singing at Salgueiro

Cantando en la Escuela de Samba Salgueiro.

What a night at Salgueiro! It was everybody’s first time watching a samba school perform, and what’s more is that we had the opportunity to watch three different schools! I wasn’t sure what to expect (except for lots of dancing of course), but when we arrived we got more than just a show. It was a party with music, dancing, and drinking. It was an enticing preview of what Carnaval is going to bring. I’m only upset that I have to wait three months to celebrate the the real Carnaval.

Josh Petrovich, United States

Drinking a beer and enjoying the Samba drums from Salgueiro Samba School.
We just arrived but it was already on fire!

What a night!! Salgueiro, one of the best samba schools in Rio, has just chosen their samba for next year and they want everyone to sing along. We got some copies of the lyrics and practiced it with Furiosa (the name of the drums). It was a bit difficult in the beginning but after a few minutes we were all singing at Salgueiro.

Singing the new Samba from Salgueiro with the lyrics in hands
Singing at Salgueiro with the lyrics in hands!

But the best part of our RioLIVE! was when the Passistas (professional samba dancers) came in. Check in out:

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Mestres-sala and Portas-bandeira from Salgueiro, Renascer and Unidos.
Mestres-sala and Portas-bandeira from Salgueiro, Renascer and Unidos.

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