What does Sinistro mean in Portuguese

27 de January de 2017

What does Sinistro mean in Portuguese

What does Sinistro mean in Portuguese. Surfar na praia de Copacabana Γ© sinistro!
Hi guys!Β You have probably heard a carioca person say the word Sinistro.
But, what does Sinistro mean in Portuguese?

Sinistro has two different meanings. The first one and the literal one is something evil or sinister.Β But here in Rio we use the word Sinistro as a Portuguese slang.Β It can be used to refer to something very good or something that you like very much.Β Take a look!

Examples with sinistro in Portuguese

Essa professora Γ© sinistra!
This teacher is awesome!

Essa aluna Γ© sinistra!
This student is awesome!

Esse cafezinho Γ© sinistro!
This coffee is awesome!

Essa cerveja Γ© sinistra!
This beer is awesome!

Beber caipirinha no quiosque Γ© muito sinistro!
Drinking caipirinha at the kiosk bar is really awesome!

Uau, seu celular Γ© sinistro!
Wow, your cellphone is awesome!

That’s it everyone!
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Now, let’s enjoy the beach because the heat is awesome!

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