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What’s up guys? Today we’re going to talk about the different kinds of snacks in Brazil.

We basically have two types of snacks in Brazil: baked and fried.

Do you want to learn how to say the snacks in Brazil? Watch our video Dica!

Learn a little bit more about the Snacks in Brazil

Different kinds of snacks in Brazil: a coxinha de frango.Coxinha is one of the most popular snacks in Brazil. It is made of chicken meat, covered in dough and then fried. The shape resembles a chicken leg, that’s why we call it coxinha de frango. We love it so much that we also have sweet versions of this salty coxinha!Different kinds of snacks in Brazil: o pastel de carne/queijo/frango.

Pastel is a very famous snack too. We usually eat pastel at fairs and drink caldo de cana with it; it’s the perfect combination! The pastel is a fried snack made of a special dough and stuffed with meat, cheese, or chicken. We also have some different flavors like: brigadeiro and romeu e julieta.Different kinds of snacks in Brazil: Joelho de queijo com presunto.If you are very hungry you can eat a Joelho because it’s delicious and its dough really fills you up. The composition of Joelho de queijo com presunto is dough with cheese and ham inside. You also can eat it stuffed with chicken and cheese. It’s an excellent choice when you need to eat lunch, but are in a hurry.Brazilian snacks: o rissole de camarão.The rissole de camarão is a very sophisticated snack, and it’s a traditional recipe of our culture. Rissole is made of dough with shrimp and cheese inside, and then it is fried.Brazilian snacks: O quibe.The quibe is an Arabic food that is very famous in Brazil. You can eat it like a snack or you can make it bigger like a cake. This snack’s composition is bulgur, onions that are minced, and meat with Middle Eastern spices. Suggestion: if you want to taste the best Arabic snack in Brazil, you must go to Rotisseria Síro Libanesa at Largo do Machado. Brazilian snacks: A empada.Empada is a snack that never is missing from a Brazilian birthday party. Children love it, adults love it, everyone loves empadinha! This snack is composed of wheat, flour, dough and cheese, chicken, shrimp, etc. inside… The dough is so light that you can eat a bunch of them without even noticing.Brazilian snacks: O croissant de queijo com presunto.Ok… We stole this snack from the French… But please let us keep it, we really love it! The composition of Croissant de queijo com presunto is dough that is layered yeast-leavened and stuffed with cheese, ham, chicken, etc… And it’s a great snack to offer to your friends when you invite them over.Brazilian snacks: A esfirra / esfiha.Just like quibe, Esfirra is one of the many famous snacks in Brazil, even though it was originated in Arabic countries. Esfirra is a little baked pie in the shape of a triangle or a circle. It can be stuffed with many fillings. Brazilian snacks: O bolinho de aipim com carne seca.This is one of the most popular snacks in Brazil as well. Bolinho de aipim com carne seca is as traditional as wearing havaianas. It’s a little cake composed of aipim with dried meat inside. So good that you can feel the sun inside your mouth. Brazilian snacks: O pão de batata.Pão de batata is a very common Snack in Brazil. It’s composed of potato flour with cheese and many other ingredients inside. When making pão de batata you can let your imagination flow and stuff it with many different stuffings and spices.

Vocabulary list of Snacks in Brazil

  • Coxinha de frango
  • Pastel de carne/queijo/frango
  • Joelho de queijo com presunto
  • Rissole de camarão
  • Empada
  • Croissant de queijo com presunto
  • Esfirra
  • Bolinho de aipim com carne seca
  • Pão de batata
  • Quibe

I don’t know about you, but now that we studied all these snacks in Brazil I’m really hungry, so I’m going to buy some snacks for me.
That’s it guys!! See you soon!! Thank you for reading our Dica! about Snacks in Brazil.
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