Sneak Peak into our Carnival

friends having an amazing time in Mangueira

L’école de samba était un bon moment rempli de bonheur! Nous avons pu decouvrir un show de samba pendant plusieurs heures. C’etait super et tellement amusant! Merci à Lucas pour ce RioLIVE! que je n’oublierai jamais!

Yoan Remia, France

view of the crowded samba school

Sneak Peak into our Carnival: the samba school was marked by a lot of fun, caipirinhas, and beers, with plenty of samba dancing and positive energy from this super lively crowd and we turned the samba school’s dance floor into a place where we could feel not just at home, but in an early preview of Rio de Janeiro’s carnival. Moments that will forever be etched in the hearts and souls of everyone who experienced this marvelous time. We’ll see you at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival or the next one, dancing even more than I did.

having fun in Rio de Janeiro

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photo of a photo in Mangueira

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