Soccer and Caipirinhas

11 de October de 2014

Soccer and Caipirinhas

Portuguese students on the beach playing soccer.
Portuguese students and also soccer players enjoying the beach.

Yesterday, me, Pablo, Claudia and Dani had a great time playing futebol de areia.Β  At first, I was a little disapointed that there were only 4 players but it actually ended up to be really awesome!Β  We played a game where each person tries to score a freekick on Pablo and then I got a chance to play goalie.Β  Also, we set up 2 small goals and played 2 on 2 against eachother.Β  IΒ΄m not sure who won but I was completely exhausted after about 5 minutes!Β  After that the girls were really tired and went in the water and me and Pablo continued the penalty shout.Β  While we were playing, these guys came over and asked if we wanted to play a real soccer game 6 on 6.Β  I ended up playing and Pablo and the girls went to drink Caipirinhas and watch me play.Β  Unfortunately I didnΒ΄t play very well but Pablo reassured me that these guys do this every day and that itΒ΄s way harder than it looks.Β  After he game we all drank caipirinhas and talked in Potruguese for a while.Β  It was muito legal!! I had a great time!Β 

Sebastian Merrell, United States
Portuguese students on the beach.
They are ready to play!

Beach soccer and caipirinhas, sounds good, right? Soccer is the Brazilian’s national passion. So, one of our RioLIVE! Activities on this week was beach soccer. We formed two groups of 4 people from different nationalities. We had students from Austria, Germany, United States and the teacher from Brazil and we headed to Copacabana’s beach to play some beach soccer.

It was a very nice RioLIVE!, our students had a lot of fun. After playing for more than one hour, we were a bit tired and we started talking about soccer, in Portuguese of course. Then, we started playing again and we finished our RioLIVE! drinking some caipirinhas at a quiosque in Copacabana.
What about studying Portuguese in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and also have fun taking part in our RioLIVE! Activities? Rio & Learn is your place.
What a good way to finish our rioLIVE!

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