Soccer, Sand and Fun

Beach Soccer in Rio

Although I barely speak Portuguese, futebol at Copacabana beach was a great experience. I was able to meet other students and teachers while enjoying the beach. It was an opportunity to learn about the different sports played on the beach here in Brazil, like futvôlei which is a game like volleyball only you don’t use your hands. Not only did I get to expand my Portuguese vocabulary, I also got a lesson in Brazilian culture!

Taylor Ziska, United States

Practicing sports in Copacabana

Today we experienced soccer, sand and funa bit more of our nearby natural beauties and were acquainted with more aspects of Brazilian culture with RioLIVE! spending time on the beach and playing soccer. We also enjoyed some great conversation while sharing life experiences and practicing Portuguese. What an amazing way to become fluent and get to know more about the locals with soccer, sand and fun!

Futebol e alegria no Rio de Janeiro.

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