Sore but Smiling: Our Capoeira Journey!

capoeira master and students in the favela

This activity was great fun and very educational! We heard about the history of capoeira in Brazil while learning basic steps and listening to the traditional instruments. We even got to play some of the rhythms on the drums. Finally we were treated to a much more complex demonstration by their instructor and a student. This institute is teaching the young people in need in the community. I highly recommend going!

Carla Wilson, United States of America

learning about capoeira in Rio de Janeiro

Learning Capoeira turned into quite the adventure! We threw ourselves into it wholeheartedly, we did feel it the next day—our muscles were definitely reminding us of all the hard work! But honestly, that soreness was a sign of the effort we were putting into getting the hang of this amazing mix of dance and fight form. The experience of learning Capoeira wasn’t just about physical exertion; it was about understanding a culture, embracing a new form of expression, and connecting with a vibrant community.

capoeira fight movement

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learning Portuguese and capoeira in Rio de Janeiro

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