Sore heads and cracked voices

Curtindo a noite na Feira de São Cristóvão!

On Friday we went to Feria de São Cristóvão, to learn all things nordeste. We started off the night the best way possible with food! We sat down and got to experiment with the northeastern cuisine, and of course the drinks. The food was delicious and would definitely recommend for anyone to try the cuisine of the northeast. With our belly full and our thirst quenched, we set off around the Feria. Next on the agenda was forró, a dance created by the people of nordeste. A few of the students got stuck in and impressed the locals with their dance moves, I personally opted to continue drinking beers. After we were all danced out we finished off the night in only one way, KARAOKE! It was an amazing night and all I’ll say is I can imagine there were a few sore heads and cracked voices the next morning! What a night!

Ross Garwood, United Kingdom

Having fun singing at a karaoke.

Sore heads and cracked voices weren’t a problem after the amount of fun that we had at Feira de São Cristóvão. RioLIVE! provided us a night with full immersion into northeastern culture with typical food, music, drinks, dancing and karaoke to finish our night in great fashion. In the beginning some of our students were shy, but after some drinks and singing trials, everyone got deeply into the fun!

Eating typical food in Rio de Janeiro.

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