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Hello folks! In today’s Dica, we are going to teach you how to say you’re sorry in Portuguese. Do you have any idea what the best word for that is? Do you think there is a difference in Portuguese between pardon and my bad? Well, it depends on the situation. Let’s learn!

Desculpe in Portuguese

portuguese students walking around the botanical garden - example for sorry in portuguese: me desculpe por esbarrar em você!

How do you say you’re sorry in portuguese? The word desculpe is used to apologize for something. It can also be used as a reflexive verb when we say me desculpe. Much like ‘pardon me’ in Portuguese, the word desculpe can also be used to interrupt someone. Let’s look at some situations where we can use desculpe (and pardon) in Portuguese:

Desculpem interromper, mas gostaria de dizer uma coisa…
Sorry for interrupting, but I would like to say something…

Me desculpem, vocês não acham que devemos investir mais?
Sorry, do you (plural) not think we should invest more?

Me desculpe, vocês estão falando da reunião de ontem?
Sorry, are you (plural) talking about yesterday’s meeting? 

Desculpe, mas preciso interromper. Vocês sabem onde está o Carlos?
Sorry, I need to interrupt. Do you (plural) know where Carlos is?

Desculpem interromper. Vocês sabem em que direção fica a Escola Rio & Learn?
Sorry to interrupt. Do you know where the Rio & Learn School is?

Desculpa in Portuguese

Some people also use the word desculpa, which is an informal version for the word desculpe. You can also add the word to make it even more informal. Let’s look at some examples:

Desculpa aí, cara. Não vai dar para ir na festa hoje.
Sorry, dude. I can’t go to the party today.

Amor, me desculpa. Não sei onde estava com a cabeça.
Baby, I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Desculpa . Não vou fazer novamente.
Sorry. I won’t do that again.

Desculpa por chegar tão tarde, o trânsito no Rio está demais!
Sorry for arriving so late, the traffic in Rio is awful!

Desculpa mas eu não vou pagar por essa caipirinha. Eu só bebi cerveja.
I’m sorry but I’m not going to pay for this caipirinha. I only drank beer.

Perdão in Portuguese

Using the word perdão is the most impactful way for apologizing to someone. It’s often used when you made a big mistake. We can also use the expression me perdoe. It’s kind of like the Portuguese way of saying forgive me. Take a look:

Amor! Me perdoe! Eu nunca mais vou beijar outra mulher!
Baby! Forgive me! I’ll never kiss another woman again!

Perdão, por favor! Eu não sabia que essa tapioca era sua.
Please, forgive me! I didn’t know this tapioca was yours.

Eu não devia te chamar de idiota. Me perdoe, por favor!
I shouldn’t have called you an idiot. Please, forgive me!

Eu peço perdão pelo mal comportamento do meu filho.
I ask for forgiveness for my son’s unruly behavior.

Eu já pedi perdão à Deus pelos meus pecados.
I already asked God for forgiveness for my sins.

Foi Mal in Portuguese

portuguese students having drinks at the beach - example of sorry in portuguese: foi mal pela demora, estamos comprando bebidas!

Foi mal is the most informal way to apologize in Portuguese, just like my bad. It’s often used among friends, or for small mistakes. Take a look:

Não sabia que você estava dormindo. Foi mal!
I didn’t know you were sleeping. My bad!

Foi mal! Pode repetir? Eu não estava prestando atenção.
Sorry! Could you repeat yourself? I wasn’t paying attention.

Eita! Deixei cair tudo no chão. Foi mal!
Oops! I dropped everything. My bad!

Foi mal por não ter ido no barzinho ontem, cara!
Sorry I didn’t go to the bar yesterday, man!

Foi mal, professora. Esqueci de fazer o dever de casa porque fiquei doente.
Sorry, teacher. I forgot to do my homework because I got sick.

Lamento in Portuguese

You use this word when you didn’t do anything wrong but want to comfort someone. It’s always used when someone died. Take a look at some examples:

Nós lamentamos muito a perda do seu pai.
We are very sorry for the loss of your father.

Lamento muito pela sua perda!
I’m very sorry for your loss!

Você já ligou para dizer que lamenta a morte do cachorrinho dela?
Have you called to say you’re sorry about her puppy?

Eles lamentaram quando o chefe morreu.
They mourned when the chief died.

Você costuma chorar muito quando lamenta a morte de alguém?
Do you tend to cry a lot when mourning someone’s death?

Sinto Muito in Portuguese

This is another expression to say you’re sorry in Portuguese language. It’s a regular expression we use daily, but also for more profound feelings (differently from foi mal). Let’s check out these examples to see how to use it:

Sinto muito pelo seu divórcio!
I’m so sorry about your divorce!

Sinto muito que você não passou na prova.
I’m sorry you didn’t pass the test.

Ela sente muito, pediu desculpas várias vezes!
She’s sorry, apologized multiple times!

Meu pai disse que sente muito pelo erro que cometeu contigo.
My dad said he’s sorry for the mistake he made with you.

Sinto muito, amigo! Posso ajudar em algo?
I’m sorry, friend! Can I help you with something?

All right! Now we know how to say you’re sorry and pardon in Portuguese, and we can apologize if we do something bad. But of course, none of you will, right? Sorry for asking, but did you know that Rio & Learn is on Twitter? You can follow us there!

We’d love to see you there!
Kisses from Copacabana!

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