Sounds of the Vowels in Portuguese.

Hi guys, how are you? In our Dica today we’re talking about the sounds of the vowels in Portuguese!

Sounds of the Vowels in Portuguese

There are 5 vowels in the Portuguese language: A, E, I, O, U and we have multiple sounds for each of them in Portuguese. Let’s see how it works.

Sound of the letter A

Sound of the letter E

Sound of the letter I



Sound of the letter O

Sound of the letter U



So, we have heard the eight different sounds and I hope that you have realized the differences between each of these sounds.

Let’s practice!

Now it’s your turn!

Listen and complete the words with the correct vowels:

  1. C_s_
  2. L_m_
  3. _rc_
  4. C_paca_an_
  5. _p_nem_

    Fill the words with the correct vowels to complete the sentences:

  6. H_j_ à n_it_ v_m_s t_d_s para L_p_ b_b_r c_ipirinh_
  7. G_st_ de t_d_s as pr_i_s do R_o de J_neir_
  8. _sto_ com m_it_ ress_c__s

That’s is guys!

Would you like to listen to more sounds of vowels in Portuguese? Look at our video by our friend Moisés and see the vowels at work!

And that’s it! Keep talking and see you next Dica!
A big hug to you all from Rio & Learn.

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  1. Casa
  2. Leme
  3. Urca
  4. Copacabana
  5. Ipanema
  6. Hoje à noite vamos todos para a Lapa beber caipirinha.
  7. Gosto de todas as praias do Rio de Janeiro.
  8. Estou com muita ressaca.