South Zone of Rio de Janeiro

South zone of Rio de Janeiro. Copacabana fica na Zona Sul do Rio
What’s up, everyone? Today A Dica do Dia is full of culture for you!
Rio de Janeiro is divided into three zones: South Zone (Zona Sul), North Zone (Zona Norte) and West Zone (Zona Oeste). Let’s talk about the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro! Have you heard about it?

The South zone is the noblest zone in the city and it’s also the home for our great celebrities. In it we can find the most famous beaches in Rio de Janeiro, the big hotels, the famous tourist spots we can see in the post cards, and of course, Rio & Learn, that is in Copacabana, the most famous neighborhood in the South Zone.

Tourist places in the South Zone

Take a look at the tourist places we listed for you! How many of them have you visited already?

Zona Sul do Rio de Janeiro. O Pão de açúcar fica na Urca

The South Zone of Rio de Janeiro is composed of great buildings, bars and quite cool places. And, about the residents, it’s very common to see them running around Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, in the morning or shopping at Feira Hippie in Ipanema. There are metro stations in almost every neighborhood and it’s really easy to move around here.

Neighborhoods in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro

Cosme Velho
Jardim Botânico
São Conrado

Zona Sul do Rio de Janeiro. Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

Curiosities about the South Zone

In the New Year, people usually go to Copacabana beach to see the fireworks spectacle.

People who live in the South Zone usually go to the shopping mall in flip flops.

The name of the neighborhood Ipanema comes from its founder, Baron of Ipanema.

Leblon has the most expensive rental and is known as Cultural Elite Neighborhood.

In the South Zone people would rather have an apartment than a house.

That’s it, guys!
Now you know more about the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, so if you want to meet it in person, come to Rio & Learn and we’ll visit many of these places together while learning Portuguese. What do you say?

We see each other on the next Dica, guys!

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