Speaking Portuguese at Catete

meeting at Palácio do Catete.

Speaking Portuguese at Catete

Meeting Palácio do Catete.
Meeting Palácio do Catete.

Gestern waren wir mit RioLIVE! im Palacio de Catete und Parque de Catete. Im Schatten der Baeume des Parkes laesst es sich super entspannen und es ist eine gute Erholung von Hitze und Laerm der Stadt. Der Park ist schoen gelegen und gut gepflegt. Danach ging es durch den Palast des frueheren Praesidenten, der dort lebte, bis Brasilia die Hauptstadt von Brasilien wurde. Es war sehr interessant etwas Kultur von Rio kennenzulernen und gleichzeitig mit den anderen Studenten auf Portugiesisch zu reden.

Catherine Gronover, Germany.

Speaking Portuguese at Catete.
Speaking Portuguese at Catete.
Last Wednesday our teachers and students from Rio & Learn spent an afternoon speaking Portuguese at Catete. The objective of this RioLIVE! wast for the students to learn a bit of the history of Brazil in a place filled of facts about Rio and also great to relax a bit while speaking Portuguese. Already in the subway our students showed a great interest in this activity, since they were asking many questions about the political history of Brazil. But the doubt they all had was regarding why the capital of Brazil moved from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia. The question was answered promptly.
When we got to Parque do Catete we walked through the quiet gardens and talked about many subjects. We took many pictures and had a lot of fun. Soon after we went to Palácio do Catete, which was the last house of one of our presidents before Rio ceased to be the capital. Besides that, the place is known for being the place where a former president, Getúlio Vargas committed suicide. The Palácio do Catete is now the Museum of the Republic, and if you are looking to learn a bit about the history of Brazil, this is a great place to visit.
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