Speaking Portuguese at Niterói

Speaking Portuguese at Niterói

Speaking Portuguese at Niterói.
Speaking Portuguese at Niterói.

Hoy fuimos a Niteroi donde esta el museo de niemayer de arte contemporaneo. Ahi tuvimos una buena vista de rio de janeiro con los puntos turisticos principales pan de azucar y cristo redentor. Me encanta los RioLIVE! porque convivimos mucho con los profesores y conocemos partes importantes de la ciudad con ellos.

Jorge Alejandro, Mexico.

On our RioLIVE! of yesterday we spent the afternoon speaking portuguese at Niteroi. Our activity started with a fun boat ride, where we talked about the equalities and differences between the cities (Rio and Niterói).

SAM_1012 Rio & Learn SAM_1013 Rio & Learn SAM_1014 Rio & Learn

When we arrived in the city of Niterói, we went to the Museu de Arte Contemporânea (MAC) and had an amazing view of the city of Rio de Janeiro. At the museum we enjoyed the show and had a great time looking at all the artwokrs.

SAM_1015 Rio & Learn SAM_1017 Rio & Learn SAM_1018 Rio & Learn SAM_1019 Rio & Learn SAM_1021 Rio & Learn SAM_1022 Rio & Learn SAM_1026 Rio & Learn SAM_1027 Rio & Learn

We finished our RioLIVE ! speaking portuguese in Niteroi, as we went to a bridge on the beach which has a beautiful view and we could talk about the city. Come and have fun with Rio & Learn practicing portuguese.

SAM_1028 Rio & Learn SAM_1029 Rio & Learn

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