Speaking Portuguese on the beach

Speaking Portuguese on the beach

Speaking Portuguese on the beach.
Speaking Portuguese on the beach.

Giocare a beach volley sulla spiaggia di Copacabana è qualcosa di unico! Farlo insieme ad altri amici di diversi Paesi è ancora meglio! L’organizzazione di Rio&Learn permette di conoscere altre persone e parlare portoghese divertendosi! Una delle cose da provare assolutamente a Rio!!!

Giuseppe Di Murro, Italy.
Having fun at Copacabana beach.
Having fun at Copacabana beach.

It was very good to enjoy one more afternoon in Rio de Janeiro to get together with our Portuguese students from Rio & Learn to play some beach volley at Copacabana Beach. Our students from Argentina, Sweden, France, Italy, Holland and Spain could take this moment to practice Portuguese and show their language skills.

We started our RioLIVE! doing a warm up and teaching those who had never played before some basic techniques of the sport. The students did a lot of questions about the beach vocabulary and also beach volley. After that, we split up in two different teams for our challenges, each point was celebrated with a lot of passion. In the end, the important part is that we had a lot of fun and practiced our Portuguese.

Come you too to have fun with Rio & Learn taking part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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