Spices in Brazil

2 de June de 2015

Hi! Ready for another free Portuguese lesson? Today we are going to learn all about the herbs and spices in Portuguese. Our focus today will be the spices in Brazil, and what the usual Brazilian use to cook our typical food! Can you say saffron in Portuguese? Do you know how we refer to the Brazilian black pepper? You’ll learn today!

About Herbs and Spices in Portuguese

Seasonings are very important when it comes to cooking, right? They give a special flavor to our food! So, let’s learn how to say the herbs and spices in Portuguese with this Dica. And tell us, what’s your favorite spice? Some names that you’ll learn today are not only herbs and spices, we’ll learn some vegetables to season food too, as they are often used to add flavor, we are going to group them in with the spices in Portuguese, okay?

Some Spices in Portuguese!

example of spices in brazil: alecrim
example of spices in brazil: coentro
mint in portuguese: hortelã
example of herbs in brazil: sálvia
example of herbs in brazil: cheiro verde
dill in portuguese: endro
bay leaf in portuguese: louro
example of herbs in brazil: tomilho

Let’s Look at the Whole List!

AçafrãoTurmeric (can be saffron but this is unusual)
Alho PoróLeeks
CebolinhaChives / Spring onions / Green onions
Cheiro VerdeParsley and Green Onions
LouroBay leaf 
Pimenta CalabresaDried chili pepper
Pimenta do ReinoBrazilian black pepper

Pronunciation of Spices in Brazil

Pay attention to the names of the main seasonings and repeat to say them correctly. If you want to see more Dicas like this one, check out our Youtube channel! 

Come study with us and we’ll take you to a farmers’ market to learn all of this immersion style!

Exercise About Spices in Portuguese

Practice a little bit more the herbs and spices and vegetables that you learned in our video:

Want to learn more about Brazilian food? Have a Portuguese Online Classes with us and we’ll teach you how to make some! 😉

Extra question: Do you know which one of these herbs or spices is very important to make our famous Brazilian beansAnd do you remember how to say turmeric in Portuguese?

That’s it! See you soon in the next Dica!

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The spice very important to make beans is Louro! And saffron in Portuguese is Açafrão.