Stand Up Paddle Surf First Experience

Stand Up Paddle Surf First Experience

Theirs Stand Up Paddle Surf First Experience, in Copacabana's Beach
Stand Up Paddle Surf First Experience



Tsubasa Tamura, Japan

Laughing together with the Stand Up Paddle Surf First Experience in Copacabana Beach
Laughing together with the Stand Up Paddle Surf First Experience

Our Stand up Paddle Surf first experience was very fun for our students and plenty of smiles. We went to do it with our friends of Universo Paddle Surf and we had three students participating from USA, Japan and Canada.

At the beginning as it was our students Stand Up Paddle Surf first experience, we had an explanation in Portuguese language from one of the members of Universo Paddle, Marcelo, but it looked like quite easy. But it was not so easy once you had to put on your feet, as it was mandatory to have a very good balance, otherwise you were falling down all the time.

We fell down lots of times, but it was a good excuse to refresh under the hot sun on Copacabana. Jokes and smiles were around as our students were falling down. But anyway at the end all of us could control the surf table and it make everybody very happy.

When we finished we were tired and we had some water as we were talking in Portuguese language about the experience.

See some photos of our students on the tables!

IMGP0085 IMGP0087 IMGP0088 IMGP0089 IMGP0090 IMGP0091 IMGP0093 IMGP0058 IMGP0059 IMGP0060 IMGP0062 IMGP0063 IMGP0064 IMGP0065 IMGP0066 IMGP0068 IMGP0069 IMGP0071 IMGP0072 IMGP0074 IMGP0075 IMGP0076 IMGP0081 IMGP0082 IMGP0083

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