Stand up paddle and Turtles

Aprende stand up paddle surf y bronceate.

Stand up paddle was such a fun experience! I love doing activities on the beach . The weather was perfect and we even saw sea turtles! It was a great way to see Copacabana Beach and practice Portuguese after class. 🙂

Miranda Roberts, USA

Learn Portuguese and get a golden tan. Class feeling good after seeing 4 turtles while doing a SUP session.
Class feeling good after seeing 4 turtles while doing a SUP session

You never wake up in the morning thinking: “- I wanna see some turtles swimming in the sea today”. Still, you go to class to practice on your Portuguese skills. Once you’re there the teacher invites the class for a SUP session. You say: “- Why not? ” For your surprise, you wind up finding out that stand up paddle and turtles is one of those things that can only happen in Rio <3

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On the way to the turtles, selfie with Carlos Drummond de Andrade

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