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We invite you to embark on an exciting journey throughout learning Portuguese while getting to know the breathtaking country Brazil is. Brazil is renowned for its kindness with foreigners, lush landscapes, and a rich tapestry of traditions. This will for sure enrich your learning experience, and give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Portuguese language and culture. Brazil truly offers a truly unique and immersive educational experience, and is the best option for you to embark in this adventure! But how to do so, you might be wondering? By pursuing a Student Visa for Brazil!

In this page, we will teach everything there is to know about the perks of pursuing the Student Visa for Brazil. From documentation to fees, we will give you a comprehensive overall of everything you need to do!

Pay attention!

Brazil adopts a visa granting policy based on the principle of reciprocity. This means that nationals of countries that require visas from Brazilian citizens to enter their territories will also need a visa to travel to Brazil. That is why countries like United States, Canada and Australia need a visa even for tourism purposes, not being able to stay for over than 90 days.

However, depending on your nationality, you may be allowed to extend your tourist stay for 90 days more, getting to a total of 180 uninterrupted days in Brazil! Elegible countries include: United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, South Korea, almost all Latam countries and some others! If you want to check if your country is on the list, please read this document.

If you want to extend your stay, please go to the nearest Immigration Office with your documents and ask for an extension. In Rio, the Immigration Bureau is at Santos Dumont Airport, 2º floor. If you are in another Brazilian State, look for your nearest Immigration Bureau here.

How to get a Student Visa for Brazil

Let’s see how to get a Brazilian Student Visa. If you are applying for a visa while you are in your country, you should do the process in the Consulate. You can apply for the Visa in any Brazilian Consulate in the world! However, if you are already in Brazil, you can do the process at Polícia Federal. There is no need to leave Brazil to apply for the visa. Let’s take a look at the Brazil student visa requirements. Wherever you are applying for a student visa for Brazil, here is a list of documents you may need:

  1. Fill in the electronic form (if you apply in Brazil, otherwise, follow the instructions of the consulate);
  2. Book service (only if applying in Brazil), bear in mind the code asked in this step is only provided after filling out the electronic form above (Remember you can change languages on the top right corner!);
  3. One recent 3×4 picture that has a white background;
  4. Passport with at least six months of validity;
  5. Letter of Acceptance that proves enrollment for a specific course. We can help you with that. Learn more after this list;
  6. Form filled in with contact information such as email, telephone, and home address;
  7. Birth or marriage certificate with a Hague Apostille by the country issuing the original document (read more about Hague Apostille after this list);
  8. Criminal background certificate or equivalent issued by the judicial authority where you have resided for the last five years. Here, it doesn’t count if you lived somewhere using a tourist visa, only if you were an official resident. If this document is issued outside of Brazil, it must have a Hague Apostille. If you are in Brazil, however, you can obtain this document in two different ways:

9. Filled form that you are not coming to perform a job as a scientist, researcher or teacher.

10. Certificate receipt of the residency authorization fees (168,13 Brazilian Reais) and emission of the National Migratory Registration Card (204,77 Brazilian Reais). Read more about how to do it below. Important: these fees only apply if you are doing the process in Brazil, if you are doing by a Consulate, other fees might apply!

11. Documentation that proves the financial capacity of oneself or of those responsible for the maintenance of the interested party in Brazil during the period that it’s intended to remain in the country, or proof of possession of a scholarship;

12. If applying for the visa in Brazil, bear in mind that some of these documents such as birth certificate, criminal background, etc., probably will be required in a translated version made by a certified translator. Check here a list of certified translators in Rio de Janeiro. Remember, Federal Police doesn’t accept translations made outside of Brazil or by unauthorized translators;

IMPORTANTE NOTE: If applying for the visa in Brazil, your criminal records and birth certificate must be translated into Portuguese by a sworn translator in Brazil: list of certified translators in Rio de Janeiro. Remember, Federal Police does not accept translations made outside of Brazil or by unauthorized translators.

Also, don’t forget that all the documents from the list must be printed. The Federal Police in Brazil can ask for other documents that are not listed here if they consider it necessary to evaluate your visa requirements.
If you decide to apply for your visa via your consulate, remember that taxes and document requirements might differ!

More Information about the Hague Apostille

The Hague Apostille is one of the Brazil Student Visa requirements. It is a seal that is placed on documents to make it valid in other countries. The purpose of this seal is to facilitate and simplify the legalization of documents among the 112 signatory countries. This means that if you have a document that contains the Hague Apostille, this document will be valid in the 112 signatory countries of this agreement. The Apostille is valid for any documents of an individual, not valid only for diplomatic and international trade documents.

It is important to note that only the country that issued the original document can provide a Hague Apostille. So, you can’t get a Hague Apostille for an US document in Brazil, for example. But if you manage to get your document with the Hague Apostille in your home country, your document will be valid in Brazil.

Brazilian authorities can require the Apostille for documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate and criminal records. Every country has a unique way to issue the Hague Apostille. Make sure to check the requirements for your country before applying for your student visa.

Please note that the Apostille seal does not have an expiration date and can’t be used to extend the expiration date from other documents.

More Information about the taxes

For you to pay the taxes on item 10, please click next to access the form of the Policia Federal. Theses taxes can be paid in cash at any bank or online using a credit card.
Remember: you will have to complete the form twice, once for each tax. The fee amount is added automatically when typing the STN Codes 140066 and 140120) .

Important: these fees only apply if you are applying while in Brazil. If you are applying from a Consulate abroad, other fees might apply.

140066: PROCESSAMENTO E AVALIAÇÃO DE PEDIDOS DE AUTORIZAÇÃO DE RESIDENCIA (Processing and evaluation of applications for residence permits): 168,13 Brazilian Reais.
140120: EMISSÃO DE CARTEIRA DE REGISTRO NACIONAL MIGRATÓRIO (Issuance of Immigrant Identity Card): 204,77 Brazilian Reaisnext

What about Intern Visa?

If you are coming as an intern for an university or a company, you will still have to apply for the same student visa, but you will need a few more documents. Let’s check out what else you will need if you are applying for this kind of position:

1 – Term of commitment from the company or university where you will perform your activities;
2 – Invitation letter from the company or university, inviting you for said position;

It’s important to remember that you can only apply for intern positions in Brazil if you are currently enrolled in an university!

Documents for renewing your Student Visa

You can extend you Brazil Student Visa for periods of 365 days, requesting it to the Federal Police agency closest to the place of residence, up to 30 days before the term expires. But remember: if you are certain you will stay in Brazil for a year, apply for the one year visa, and not for the six months one counting on the renewal. The renewal process is slow and dense, almost as if applying for a whole new visa.

To apply you will need the following documents for your Brazil student visa requirement:

1 – Acceptance Letter that proves subscription at the specific course;
2 – Certified copy of the temporary registration (identity card for foreigners);
3 – Clear and complete certified copy of the passport (including blank sheets);
4 – Documents that prove financial capacity of covering costs during the students stay in Brazil;
5 – Proof of payment of the GRU / Funapol fee.

Other documents may be requested, when deemed necessary

Study in Brazil as an international student

Here at Rio & Learn, we have three possibilities if you want to come study in Brazil. In all these formats, you will have your letter of acceptance, which is the relevant document required to apply for your student visa. Check our options below:

One Year Visa

This is our complete package for you to learn Portuguese and enjoy Rio for a whole year. What is included:

780 hours of Portuguese group classes;
800 hours of RioLIVE! Activities;
Letter of acceptance.

For only 18.480 reais!

Foreign students in Brazil enjoying a student Visa in Rio de Janeiro.

Six Months Visa

If you want to stay for only six months, we also have the right option for you! What is included:

360 hours of Portuguese group classes;
360 hours of RioLIVE! Activities;
Letter of acceptance.

For only 10.495 reais!

Foreign Portuguese language students visiting Christ the Redeemer.

Custom Weeks

For those who want to customize their experience! Just remember to include your letter of acceptance.

Flexibility of weeks;
Group classes;
RioLIVE! Activities always included.

Weeks with progressive discount!

For inquiries and questions about the Brazil Student Visa requirements please send an email to
You can also reach us by Skype rioandlearn or WhatsApp +55 21 971 10 66 56.