How to get a Student Visa for Brazil?

Wondering how to get a student Visa for Brazil?
For people who want to study Portuguese in Brazil for a long term (more than 90 days), Rio & Learn is going to help you in the Student Visa process. You will find here the Brazil student visa Requirements, a list of the necessary documents in order for you to apply for your visa, either in your own country or while in Brazil. We also provide a customized service to get the visa that will guide you in the whole process. So, here you will find all you need to know about studying in Brazil for international students.

The only document that a student needs from the educational institution to be able to apply for a Student Visa for Brazil is a Letter of Acceptance. The Brazilian student Visa is provided for the period you are studying, it means there is no minimum course duration for requiring a Visa. However, it is usually required that the student have at least 15 hours of group classes per week.

But, if you are coming for less than 90 days, we recommend you enter Brazil using a Tourist Visa. It’s much easier to get than a Brazil Study Visa.

Let’s see how to get a Brazilian Student Visa:

Brazil Student Visa Requirements

If you are applying for a Visa while you are in your country, you should do the process in the Consulate. However, if you are already in Brazil, you can do the process at Polícia Federal. There is no need to leave Brazil to apply for the visa.

Let’s take a look at the Brazil Student Visa Requirements. Wherever you are applying for a student Visa for Brazil, here is a list of documents you may need:

  1. Fill the electronic form (if applying in Brazil, otherwise follow consulate instructions)
  2. Book service  (if applying in Brazil)
  3. Passport with at least six months of validity
  4. Acceptance Letter that proves subscription at the specific course. We can help you with that. Learn more after this list 😉
  5. Two 3×4 photos.
  6. Birth certificate.
  7. Certificate receipt of the residency authorization fees (R$ 168,13) and emission of the National Migratory Registration Card (R$ 204, 77). In the consulate you may be asked for different documents.
  8. Criminal background certificate or equivalent issued by the judicial authority where have lived for the last five years.
  9. Declaration, under the law penalties, of lack of criminal background in any other countries for the last five years.
  10. Documents that prove financial capacity (student’s or legal responsible’s) of covering costs during the students stay in Brazil or document that proves scholarship;
  11. Documents proving that the person interested attends to graduation course in a foreign university, in case of residency authorization for internship or studies and research exchange. (not needed if studying at Rio & Learn)
  12. Commitment term between the intern, the part that is providing the internship and the teaching institution where the immigrant is registered that proves the compatibility between your area of knowledge and the activities developed at the internship, in case of residency authorization for internship. (not needed if studying at Rio & Learn).
  13. If applying for the Visa in Brazil, bear in mind that some of these documents such as birth certificate, criminal background, etc., probably will be required in a translated version made by a certified translator. Check here a list of certified translators in Rio de Janeiro.


For you to pay the taxes on item 7, access the website: and click GRU (Collecting unit – Regional Superintendence of Rio de Janeiro) on the left side of the page:

  • R$ 168,13 (Processing and evaluation of applications for residence permits)
  • R$ 204, 77 (Issuance of Immigrant Identity Card)

Criminal background (if applying in Brazil)

Finally, if you want to apply for a Student Visa in Brazil, at the Polícia Federal, you need proof of negative criminal background certificate in the judicial, criminal or police areas. Here are the three documents you need. The directions on number 2 and 3 are for Rio de Janeiro. Check the directions for the Polícia Estadual and Federal Justice in the Brazilian State you are:

  1. Federal Police criminal background certificate
  2. Criminal Background of the State Police. Address: Frei Caneca st, 505 or Relação st, 42
  3. Federal Justice Certificate –
Student visa for Brazil. Rio & Learn Helps you with a Brazilian student visa. Learn Portuguese in Real Life, at the beach drinking caipirinha.
How to get a Brazilian Student Visa to enjoy Rio de Janeiro.

How to get assistance?

1st: Add your course to the cart.
2nd: Add the type of help service for Student Visa for Brazil you would like.
3rd: Press Proceed to Checkout to go to our Registration form
4th: Fill out our Registration Form.
5th: Pay the course and the Visa assistance.
6th: Rio & Learn will send the payment confirmation and instructions to your e-mail.

What services do we offer?

Letter of Acceptance (Do it by yourself)

The only document that a student needs from the educational institution to be able to apply for a Student Visa for Brazil is a Letter of Acceptance. Rio & Learn will send the letter of acceptance attesting that the student is registered and has paid for the course. The letter will be notarized, signed and stamped and you will receive it in a few days in your mail by express delivery.

What is included: Letter, Notary’s services and the Express Delivery (DHL);
Price: 600 reais

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Student Visa Help

Getting a Student Visa for Brazil is a process with lots of bureaucracy, and that needs time. To help you with the Brazil Student Visa requirements and to make sure that everything is going to work, Rio & Learn is going to provide the letter of acceptance and assistance in getting your Visa approval. We will help you with:.

  • letter of acceptance (express delivery) included with 6 month and 1 year visa offers
  • consultation and clarification of questions.
  • consignment (express delivery) of the legalized letter. (included with 6 month and 1 year visa)

Not included: printings, consular fee payment (vary), copies and authentications, which are made by the student.

Ps.: In some cases the documents can take up to 4 weeks to be ready by your Consulate or the Polícia Federal, and usually after that you need 15 days for the consulate appointment. That’s why we recommend that you start the Visa process 50 days before your arrival date. Please, keep that in mind.

Special Offers

In general, those who are applying for a Student Visa for Brazil intend to stay for a long time in the country. Thinking of that, we prepared two special offers for you:

Six Months Brazil Student Visa
360 hours of group classes to obtain your Brazilian Visa for six month.

  • Six Months, 8.000 reais.
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One Year Brazil Student Visa
780 hours of group classes to obtain your Brazilian Visa for one year.

  • One year, 14.000 reais
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For inquiries and questions about the Brazilian student Visa please send an email to You can also reach us by Skype rioandlearn or WhatsApp +55 21 996 944 740.

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