Students at Jardim Botânico

Students at Jardim Botânico

Students at Jardim Botânico.
Students at Jardim Botânico.

Me encanto ir al Jardin Botanico con Rio & Learn porque pudimos observar distintas clases de plantas en un solo lugar y al mismo tiempo seguir aprendiendo portugues. Ademas, ir con todo el grupo de estudiantes hizo el paseo mucho mas divertido. Me gusto mucho la experiencia y recomiendo tomar las distintas actividades que ofrece la escuela.

Diana Paredes, Peru.

Nature and Portuguese at Jardim Botânico.
Nature and Portuguese at Jardim Botânico.

Our RioLIVE! today was ‘Students at Jardim Botânico‘. We met at Rio & Learn in Copacabana to go to one of the most beautiful places of Rio de Janeiro. On the way there, the students took this time to talk about the weather in Rio de Janeiro, because it was very sunny earlier but when we were going there, it was a little bit cloudy. But it didn’t rain and the temperature was very good.

When we arrived at Jardim Botânico, our Portuguese students could explore nature seeing plants from all over the world and taking this moment for a lot of pictures. Besides being a beautiful place, Jardim Botânico is also very historical. Talking about the Brazilian history, our students could practice their Portuguese making questions about it.
When we finished RioLIVE!, our students were very satisfied with the afternoon they had, because they put Portuguese and nature together. It was a great afternoon. Come you too to know Rio & Learn and have fun taking part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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