Students at Pedra do Sal

Students at Pedra do Sal

Students at Pedra do Sal, a RioLIVE! Activity with Rio & Learn
Our students going to Pedra do Sal

C’etait vraiment super de decouvrir un lieu aussi populaire et historique de la samba. Tous réunis autour d’un simple rocher dans une ambiance de folie, on a danse jusqu’au bout de la nuit! Au son de la samba, jouée par un groupe local, et accompagnés d’une vraie caipirinha: Bien envie d’y retourner!

Dorra Ghrab , France

Last Friday, when we closed Rio & Learn, we went with our Portuguese language students at Pedra do Sal. This time we had students from France, US, Germany and Holland.

Pedra do Sal is for some people the cradle of Samba as it is one of the first popular places where samba was played in the past. It is always amazing to visit a street concert on this historical place

We arrived and as we were learning in Portuguese about the history of this place, we grab some caipirinhas on the street posts. Once the show started, our student Stan played his cuíca for a while with the musicians!

Stan did some amazing pictures of the night. You can see how fun the night was!

stan5 stan7 stan9 stan11 stan3

Would you like to enjoy as our students as Pedra do Sal. Just join us and start learning Portuguese 😉

See some more pictures of the night below:


CIMG9283 CIMG9285 CIMG9286 CIMG9287 CIMG9288 CIMG9289 CIMG9290 CIMG9291 CIMG9292 CIMG9293 CIMG9294 CIMG9295 CIMG9296 CIMG9298 CIMG9300 CIMG9302 CIMG9303

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