Studying and exploring in Botafogo

Studying and exploring in Botafogo

Studying and exploring in Botafogo. Studying Portuguese in Botafogo.
Our Portuguese students amazed with the views of Botafogo.

Superbe apres-midi à découvrir Flamengo et Botafogo! Nous avons marcher le long des plages de Flamengo et Botafogo ayant des vues impressionnantes sur le pain de sucre et la marina de Botafogo.  Une belle opportunité pour découvrir des quartiers moins courrus des touristes.  Nous avons terminé en hauteur avec une magnifique vue sur la plage de Botafogo et le pain de sucre!

Stephane Morin, Canada.

Studying and exploring in Botafogo. Portuguese students exploring and practicing.
Having a good time and practicing Portuguese.

Our students had the chance of studying and exploring in Botafogo with our RioLIVE! at this time. Located at the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, Botafogo is known for being a beautiful, calm and also a very residential place. Our Portuguese students from Colombia, Germany, Canada and England were very excited about visiting this place, as for all of them, it was a new thing.

We started our RioLIVE! at Praia do Flamengo, a good place where people like to relax, tanning, practicing exercises or just reading a book. From this place, it’s possible to see Urca, Niterói, Downtown, Santos Dumont Airport and Pão de Açúcar. They made a lot of questions about the place’s history, what people do and how life is over there.

IMG_20170130_155641425 Rio & Learn IMG_20170130_160301379 Rio & Learn IMG_20170130_160620324_BURST000_COVER_TOP Rio & Learn IMG_20170130_160912177 Rio & Learn IMG_20170130_160944842 Rio & Learn

After Praia do Flamengo, we headed to Botafogo, another great place with amazing views and a lot of nature, with each step, our Portuguese students were amazed on how great the place was and how happy they were studying and exploring in Botafogo, they could take great pictures besides practcing their Portuguese of course, from there, they could also see Cristo Redentor. We finished our RioLIVE! at Botafogo Praia Shopping, a very popular shopping center in front of the beach with an amazing view from its top floor.

IMG_20170130_161301502 Rio & Learn IMG_20170130_161310464 Rio & Learn IMG_20170130_162458575 Rio & Learn IMG_20170130_162702959 Rio & Learn IMG_20170130_163533953_BURST000_COVER_TOP Rio & Learn  IMG_20170130_163817696_HDR Rio & Learn IMG_20170130_164051594_HDR Rio & Learn IMG_20170130_164228227 Rio & Learn IMG_20170130_172147122_HDR Rio & Learn IMG_20170130_172359174_HDR Rio & Learn

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