Studying at Confeitaria Colombo

Studying at Confeitaria Colombo

Enjoying Confeitaria Colombo's architecture.
Enjoying Confeitaria Colombo’s architecture.

On account of the rain, a planned trip to Sugarloaf Mountain had to be canceled, but our instructor, Pablo, quickly put together a new option for us, which was to visit Confeitaria Colombo. The place featured some delicious baked goods and the best cappuccino I´ve ever tasted. The achitecture was grad, with high ceilings and huge mirrors all around. Pablo said the place was meant to emulate the architecture of Europe for the colonial Portuguese, and it indeed was spectacular.

Abraham Cullom, United States.

Having an afternoon coffee and studying Portuguese.
Having an afternoon coffee and studying Portuguese.
Last Monday we spent our afternoon studying at Confeitaria Colombo. Our previous intention was to go to Pão de Açúcar, but the rain spoiled our plans…but we are always ready for anything, and Rio de Janeiro has plenty of options for rainy days. The delicious Confeitaria Colombo reserves the best desserts in the Cidade Maravilhosa. We gathered at Rio & Learn and took the subway heading downtown Rio.
When we got to the Confeitaria, our RioLIVE! became a huge Portuguese class. We conversed a lot and took the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better. Many questions were made about the place and its history, and the students found that the place had many European characteristics. It was an extremely fun afternoon, where the more advanced students fed the beginners with a lot of new vocabulary. At the end, the most important is that we learned a lot!
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